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      Blog — Skincare 101

      A Beginner's Guide to Anti-Aging

      A Beginner's Guide to Anti-Aging
      Let's go over what aging looks like, how to prevent and treat it, when to start this process, and lastly, we’ll mention some products that we think will help you along the way to youthful, plump, and healthy skin! 

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      What is a Sheet Mask? 🤔

      What is a Sheet Mask? 🤔
      Hey FaceTory Fam! We’re SO excited to announce our NEW series: Sheet Mask 101 👻✨ We want to help you all out on your sheet masking journey 💪🏼 with the release of our first video: What is a Sheet Mask? 🙀 In this video, we’re going to be introducing our Sheet Mask 101 series & talking about the basics of what a sheet mask is.

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