What are Bubble Masks?

What are Bubble Masks?

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Today we’re going to talk all about those fun new sheet masks that have been popping up on everyone’s Instagram feed- bubble masks! Real talk, these sheet masks aren’t just for fun. They can actually do so much for your skin! So, are you ready to look like a fluffy cloud? Because we totally are! 🙆‍♀️

Alright, alright. So you see the bubbles. It looks fun. You snap a pic. Now, what was the point of this mask again??🤔  Well, the way a bubble mask works is similar to how cleansers work! They will help cleanse your skin, clear out your pores and remove the oil and dirt on your face. Your other skincare products will also absorb better into the skin. As a result, your complexion will look smoother, brighter, and clearer! 🤗 ✨ Sounds pretty good to us!

How to use it:

Now for the fun part! When you apply a bubble mask give it time to react to the oxygen. After a few moments, you will start to see the bubbles and, before you know it, you’ll look like a fluffy cloud! ☁️ 🤗

Also, please note that when using bubble masks you have to make sure you are still cleansing your face before applying the sheet mask. Remove the sheet mask after the time stated on the package (usually after 15- 20 minutes). Gently massage your face and rinse with lukewarm water. Then pat dry, apply toner and proceed with your usual skincare routine.

NoHj Pore Bubble Mask

What’s special about it?

This type of sheet mask uses an oxygenation process, which is how the foam appears- and let us just say, this is probably the best thing about it! The mask will start to foam up once it’s in contact with oxygen. FYI, oxygen is super important for your skin. Not only will it help your skin produce collagen, but it also assists in killing bacteria and healing the skin! A lack of it will amount to fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. Bubble masks are also commonly known to be a simpler and more affordable version of oxygen facials. Some brands can also include other ingredients like charcoal to help detoxify the skin!

Keep in mind, bubble sheet masks shouldn’t be used daily. View it as a treatment sheet mask to give your skin a little pampering! They’re great for those days when you just want to give your skin a break and help it heal.  

And that’s the gist of bubble masks! We hope you found this helpful and as always, just keep glowing! ✨


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