What is a Modeling Mask?

What is a Modeling Mask?

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You ask, we answer! Today's question is: What is a modeling mask?

You’ve had your fair share of sheet masks, maybe even sleeping masks, but have you tried a modeling mask? This kind of skincare treatment is amazing for your skin and pretty fun to do, so read on to find out what the modeling mask hype is all about!

Modeling masks are masks that you mix yourself and apply on your face. So, think of it as a DIY mask! They create a barrier that forces the active ingredients to sink into your skin. The texture is a thick, gooey substance that you apply onto your face with a spatula. It then solidifies into a rubbery sheet after 15-20 minutes of being on your face and you remove it to reveal brighter, dewy skin! ✨

Also, a tip when using a modeling mask: apply a little extra on the sides of your face so peeling the mask off will be a breeze! 😉

Here's a quick demo: 

Why we love it:

1. Spa-like

Although modeling masks have been getting more attention recently, it actually has been a treatment incorporated in a lot of facial spas for years! At first, this kind of facial treatment product was hard to find on the shelves, or you’d have to go to a spa, but now you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home!

2. Not messy

We get it. The thought of mixing and applying might seem messy but we promise it’s not! It’s actually pretty fun and oddly relaxing!

3. Improves your skin

It will leave your skin looking brighter and feeling smoother. It also helps minimize the appearance of large pores and allows the essence to sink in quickly.

4. Helps with other products

Modeling masks will also help your skin absorb other products better without stripping your face of natural moisture.

5. Prevents moisture loss

The barrier that modeling masks provide will allow all those great ingredients to really sink in and help your skin fully absorb all the nutrients. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated and energized! What more would you want?

We especially love this product for those chill spa days at home and sleepovers with friends! Try it out and bask in the glow!

Until next time!