Top 10 Sheet Mask Mistakes People Make

Top 10 Sheet Mask Mistakes People Make

Hey FaceTory Fam 💝

Whether you’re an awesome avid sheet mask user or a beginner in the art of sheet masking, we wanted to go over some common sheet mask mistakes so that we can ensure you get the most out of your experience! Let’s do this! 🙌

1. Washing your face after you apply a sheet mask
The essence from the sheet mask is meant to help bring essential nutrients back to your skin. Once you remove your mask, gently pat in the remaining essence so your skin can soak up all that goodness. DON’T wash it off unless it’s stated on the package.

2. Throwing away the leftover essence
Have you ever taken out a sheet mask from its packaging and you saw a bunch of essence left over in the bottom? Yup, that right there is perfect for your neck, hands, knees, or arms. Don’t waste it, use it!! 😉

3. Not peeling off the film
Some masks come with an outer film to help you unfold the sheet mask and apply it effortlessly. The film isn’t meant to be applied and left on your face so be sure to gently remove it. Not applying the mask to your chin Make sure the sheet mask is attached to your skin, and yes we also mean your chin! Don’t let it flop about! Smooth it out all the over your face, FaceTory Fam. 😌

4. Storing your mask vertically and not massaging the mask
If you store your sheet masks vertically (standing up) then please remember to massage the package before opening it and removing the mask! If it is stored vertically then some of the essence may drip down and your sheet mask won’t be as infused with the essence. Massaging the package before opening it will allow your sheet mask to fully absorb all that goodness! 🤗

5. Not overlapping hydrogel masks
Make sure you’re applying your hydrogel masks correctly. Some hydrogel masks are separated so you can apply them to fit your face. Overlap them to ensure that every part of your face is covered and it doesn’t slip off!

6. Waiting until the mask gets dry
Okay, so you’ve got your sheet mask on, now it’s time to chill… maybe take a nap?


7. Do not sleep with your sheet mask on.
The point of a sheet mask is to provide your skin with essential nutrients and hydration. If you wait until it dries, the sheet mask itself will end up absorbing the essence as well as the hydration on your skin. Let’s not go there, FaceTory Fam. 🙅‍♀️

8. Applying the mask with dirty hands
Make sure you're washing your hands before you apply a sheet mask. You want to ensure whatever you apply on your face is clean so you don’t have to deal with bad bacteria getting on your face and later breaking you out.

9. Applying sheet mask on unwashed/toned skin
Do not apply a sheet mask over unwashed and untoned skin! Doing so can cause your skin to breakout. Prepping the skin is especially important if your cleanser can be drying. When you tone your skin, the essence from the sheet masks can penetrate your skin better because your face is already moist.

10. Harshly rubbing in the remaining essence
Once you remove your sheet mask, gently pat in the remaining essence. You don’t want to slap your skin with weight and you don’t want to harshly rub it in so it can absorb faster. Be gentle with your skin. Harshly rubbing and stretching your skin can result in premature wrinkles. Gently pat, pat, pat. If you feel like you have to rub the product in, do so in a gentle massaging manner. 

Happy Masking!