What to NOT Put in Your Skincare Fridge

What to NOT Put in Your Skincare Fridge

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Welcome back to another Ice Ice Baby post! Are you excited for your skincare fridge? Are you wondering what on earth you can put in it? Is there anything you CAN’T put inside? These are answered here in Ice Ice Baby!

Today, we’re going to talk about what NOT to put inside your skincare fridge. ‘Cause although the cooling effect is amazing, let’s be real,  not all of your skincare needs to be refrigerated. So, read on if you’re interested to find out what to keep and what to yeet! 🙋‍♀️

Some skincare products MUST be refrigerated to help maintain the shelf life of the product, but what about the others? Does your toner, essence, moisturizer, cleanser, or oils need to be in there? The truth: not really. What you decide to store in your skincare fridge is mainly all preference! You can check out what products should belong in your fridge here

So now, here is the list of what NOT to store in your skincare fridge:

  • Keep anything clay away from the fridge as it will get hard and you’ll probably need a shovel or a really strong spatula  
  • Oil-based products and cream moisturizersBe careful with oil-based products. Water and oil separate so you may find that the formula and texture of your cream moisturizer might change slightly if you place it in the fridge.
  • Serums are tricky! It all depends on the formulation of the product. Keep an eye on your serum if you choose to place it in the fridge as some serums may separate in cooler temperatures.
  • Most facial oils can be stored in room temperature areas and placed away from direct sunlight. Facial oils generally come in dark packaging as well, which helps keep the product from oxidizing. Placing oils in the fridge may feel nice on the skin but keep an eye on the product as it may change in consistency, color, and might even turn solid!

Lastly, here are some reminders of what you can do to help your products last longer if you don’t want to store them in the fridge:

  • Keep them away from the restroom/bathroom! It's germ central in there!
  • Store them away from sunlight as the sun can damage your skincare products, making them useless. Skincare is meant to be stored in a dry and shaded place unless stated otherwise!
  • Store them somewhere airy

This is also why bathrooms are a bad place for skincare! Humidity is a great environment to grow bacteria and mess up your products. Store your products somewhere dry and airy.

So to sum it up, where should you be storing your skincare? Either in your skincare fridge, on your vanity dresser, or in a closet/drawer! Those are your best bets!

Now, what you store in your skincare fridge is entirely up to you and the formulation of the product. A lot of the trial and error is necessary. Check your products and test the product on your skin and see what your skin likes! Most importantly, have fun!

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