What to do with Leftover Essence

What to do with Leftover Essence

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It’s no secret that sheet masks are changing the skincare game right? Once you start, you just keep on going! They’re great products to use daily or if your skin is looking for a pick-me-up!  ✨ You rip open the packaging, gently pull out the mask as if you’re in a commercial, and slowly place it on your face, trying your utmost best to smooth out the wrinkles, but sometimes it just fails, oh well! 😅 Then when you’re about to toss the packaging, you see a load of wonderful sheet mask essence! Are you supposed to just throw that away?! Is this something you can use for later? 🤔 hmmm.

FaceTory Fam, we have the answers! 😉

Here are a few ways you can use that leftover sheet mask goodness:

1. Moisturize Your Body

This is probably the most common way to use your extra essence. Apply it on your body as a moisturizer. And we’re not just talking about your neck. We’re talking elbows, hands, chest, décolletage, and heels! Give your body the same amount of love!

2. Spot Treat

If you tend to have dry cheeks then apply some extra essence in that specific area to give it some additional TLC.

3. Additional Serum

After you remove your mask, apply the extra essence as you would a serum and tap tap tap. Maybe even give yourself a nice facial massage while you’re at it! Finish off with a moisturizer to lock it all in!

4. Load Up Before the Sheet

Before you place the sheet mask on your face, squeeze out the essence and spread it throughout your face. Once all the essence-y goodness is on there, apply your sheet mask and let it sink in. Adding the essence before you sheet mask allows the skin to get moist so that it can absorb more essence from the mask!

5. Lay Your Sheet Mask Flat

Try storing your sheet masks flat/horizontally. This method will allow your sheet masks to absorb more of the essence while it is being stored. 

Most importantly, please remember sheet masks are to be used immediately❗️ Also, do not save and reuse the mask. As for extra essence, it’s possible to store it but make sure it’s sealed and placed in the fridge to use the next day! It’s best not to use it within 24 hours after opening. The fresher the better, folks!

What we’re trying to say is this, don’t ever think that you should just toss out all that extra essence! It’s totally usable, in fact, you should use it! We hope this helped and as always, just keep glowing!✨


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