What Does “Whitening” Mean in K-Beauty?

What Does “Whitening” Mean in K-Beauty?

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With K-Beauty products becoming more and more popular, we think that it’s important to go over some terms and details that are common in the K-Beauty industry.

So, let’s start with this: do you see the term “whitening” labeled on your skincare products?


Chillax guys! This word is often used in the Korean beauty industry, but do not be alarmed! There is no bleaching or “whitening” taking place when you use these products. Instead, what it means is brightening✨! Yup, that’s right! In Korea, the terms “whitening” and “brightening” are used interchangeably to reflect your overall complexion, rather than "whitening" your skin tone. 

Simply put:

Whitening in K-Beauty DOES NOT mean:❌

  • Bleaching the skin
  • Lightening the skin

Whitening in K-Beauty DOES mean: ✨

  • Brightening
  • Tone-improving
  • Adding radiance

The ingredients used in products that are labeled “whitening” usually include: vitamin C, lemon extract, rice extract, licorice extract, pearl extract, and/or mulberry extract. These ingredients will work to give your skin a beautiful luminosity, help fade dark spots and even out your skin tone. So the next time you see the word “whitening” in your K-beauty skincare products, just know that it essentially means a smooth, healthy and even appearance!

So definitely don't be afraid to try out brightening products and say hello to the natural brilliance of your skin! And of course, just remember that skin care is all about focusing on your natural beauty!

Good luck and just keep glowing! ✨

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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