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      Do you have a question about your skin type, a certain product, or an ingredient? Don't worry! We put together a Skincare FAQ. From basic skincare guidelines to detailed rundowns, you'll find blogs that will help you through your skincare journey! Click to your heart's content!

      Skincare Routine & Skin Barrier

      How Many Steps Should I Have in My Skincare Routine?
      What's My Skin Type?
      Beginner's Guide to Exfoliants
      Ingredients to Avoid When You're Pregnant
      How to Patch Test a Product
      10 Common Skincare Mistakes
      5 Ways You Can Rebuild Your Skin Barrier
      Understanding Your Skin
      4 Habits That Really Change Your Skin!
      Tips for Resetting Your Skincare Routine
      Skincare for Kids and Teens 
      5 Tips for Men's Skincare
      Fading Dark Spots


      What are the Different Types of Sunscreen?
      How to Read SPF Labels on Sunscreens


      How to Read Dates on Beauty Products?
      4 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Skincare Products
      What Does “Whitening” Mean?
      What is Essence and is it Worth It?
      What’s the Difference between Ampoules and Serums?
      The Importance of a Facial Toner
      What is an Overnight Sleeping Mask
      How to Apply Eye Cream (Properly)!
      What Are Facial Oils & Are They Worth It?
      Facial Mists & Why You Need Them

      Sheet Masks

      What is a Sheet Mask?
      How to Sheet Mask
      Sheet Mask Tips + Frequently Asked Questions
      How Often Should I Sheet Mask?
      Should You Use 1 Mask a Day?
      What to do with Leftover Essence?
      Can I Sheet Mask Twice a Day?
      10 Top Sheet Mask Mistakes
      What is a Modeling Mask?
      5 Different Types of Sheet Mask Materials
      Top 5 Sheet Mask Hacks
      4 Sheet Mask Hacks You Must Try

      Acne & Breakouts

      Beginner's Guide to Exfoliants
      The Secret to Getting Rid of Acne
      Is it Okay to Pop a Pimple?
      Fading Dark Spots


      Beginner's Guide to Anti-Aging
      Beginner's Guide to Antioxidants
      Beginner's Guide to Exfoliants
      What are the Different Types of Sunscreen?
      Fading Dark Spots

      Dry Skin

      5 Tips for Dry Skin
      Beginner's Guide to Exfoliants
      What's the Difference between Dehydrated and Dry?

      Oily Skin

      5 Best Tips for Oily Skin
      Beginner's Guide to Exfoliants
      How to Shrink Your Pores?

      Combination Skin

      Skincare 101: 5 Tips for Combo Skin
      How to Shrink Your Pores?
      Beginner's Guide to Hydration

      Dehydrated Skin

      Beginner's Guide to Hydration
      Beginner's Guide to Exfoliants
      What's the Difference between Dehydrated and Dry?


      What to Put in Your Skincare Fridge?
      What to NOT Put in Your Skincare Fridge?


      Trending in Korea: Hair & Scalp Care 
      Should I Wash My Hair Everyday?
      5 Tips for Healthy Hair

      Ingredient 101

      Aloe Vera
      Tea Tree
      Snail Mucin
      Tamanu Oil
      Goji Berry
      Shea Butter
      Rice Bran



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